Thursday, November 15, 2007

week two; post two

Dear John
Nicholas Sparks
Week two; post two

In many ways I see similarities between Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook and Dear John. One similarity is the simple heartedness of the main women characters. In The Notebook, Allison is a girl with a fun-loving spirit and a huge heart. Similarly in Dear John, Savannah is very pure, religious, and very honest. One of the first times Savannah and John are together, they go to church (pg. 48). It defiantly wasn’t John’s idea either. Also, Savannah doesn’t fall into peer pressure. Although she is in college, and surrounded by people drinking and doing drugs all of the time, she doesn’t feel the need to do the same. She knows that she can be different (pg. 72). Another similarity between the two stories is the type of love that both couples share. In The Notebook, Allison and Noah start their relationship in the summer. Although only they were only together for three months, their love was young, and deep. In Dear John, They are beginning to feel the same way about each other. They will also be separated, because he has to go back to the army in one month, but you can tell he is falling for her (pg. 18). There is also foreshadows showing us this. For example, John says, “…wonder how I could be falling for a girl that I’d met only the day before.” You can tell from the quote that the author is hinting at the fact that the relationship is going to become very strong.

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