Thursday, November 29, 2007

Debate activity one

-political debate
People watch this type of debate on television. They are used to see how each candidate feels about a specific topic. From these debates, we make a better decision on who we want to represent us from the answers they respond with. It is a very structured debate which effects our decision because each candidate gets an equal opportunity to respond.

-sports report
Sports reports are on television and debate sports teams and are used to predict what they think will happen to each team. it doesn’t help us arrive at a decision because we can’t change the game’s results, but it helps us decide who we cheer for. It is a structured debate which helps because we hear both sides equally.

A trail is a structured debate that happens in court rooms that is used to decide if a crime was committed. The judge and jury decide if a punishment will be enforced. Since it is structured, the decision is better because both sides will be able to express their opinions.

-book club
Book clubs usually take place at home where people congregate to discuss a book that they have all read. It is used to evaluate the book read. The decision on whether or not you liked the book, which may be helped by debating, but it may not be because you already would know if you enjoyed it while reading. It isn’t very structured so one opinion may not be heard as much, so less people would side with them.

-class debate
A class debate would take place in a classroom to help the students better understand the topic. The class will arrive at a better decision because they will better understand the topic after the debate. It can be unstructured, but usually it is a structured debate so the students can arrive at a decision after understanding both points of views.

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