Monday, November 19, 2007

week four; post two

Dear John
Nicholas Sparks
Week four; post two

When John goes to meet Savannah’s parents, you can really tell the differences between the ways that John grew up, and the way that Savannah grew up (pg. 152). For one, John’s dad raised him on his own, without help. Savannah had two loving parents care for her throughout her childhood. It has always been hard for John to connect to his father. He was quiet, shy, and socially awkward. But when John meets Savannah’s dad, he enjoys spending time watching baseball with him, and conversation comes very easily (pg. 156). Savannah’s parents have a great relationship, and always have. Savannah has always wished to someday find a relationship as good as theirs. John however, never had an example of a healthy relationship. His mother left him and his dad when he was less than one (pg. 127). Afterwards, John’s dad never had a girlfriend, nor dated ever. Another difference between their childhoods was the financial situation. While John’s dad spent all of their extra money on his coin collection, they didn’t have any money to buy anything else except the necessities. Savannah’s parents had ample amount of money. She got a horse of her own for a birthday present. Savannah lived where there was land stretching for miles. She lived on a ranch and had the simple life (pg. 155). With the support of her parents, she always has stayed on the straight and narrow road. John lived in a city, but the better half of the city at least. He didn’t grow up with much money, so extra expenses like going to a movie with friends were out of reach. John didn’t connect with his dad, and they grew apart. He got involved with the wrong crowd in high school and his grades were bad. What is amazing to me is that even through all of their differences, they find a common connection in one another. As they say, opposites attract.

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