Monday, November 19, 2007

week three; post two

Dear John
Nicholas Sparks
Week three; post two

Nicholas Sparks does a great job of writing this book. It not only is very interesting and entertaining, it also has many literary tricks to keep us interested. Foreshadow is the most common in this book. One way Nicholas uses foreshadow is when John is leaving. John and Savannah promise that they will marry each other when John returns home, and although they are both fairly confident in the fact that they will, there are hints that lead one to believe that something will separate the two of them. The first hint is when Tim, Savannah’s best friend, warns how involved Savannah is in the relationship, and that he’d better not break her heart (pg.133). Then, in Savannah’s first letter to John, she too warns him not to break her heart (pg. 139). Another way Sparks hints at this is through Johns comments. He is totally committed to Savannah, and confident that they can come though and stay together, he makes a comment about how most couples don’t make it with a long distance relationship (pg. 134). One other way Sparks uses foreshadow is to hint that Tim has deeper feelings toward Savannah than just friends. He does this, firstly, by how intimidated John was of him at first. He was always suspicious that there was something more to it than friends (pg. 36). Tim also always speaks very highly of Savanna, and knows more about her than she does him (pg. 125). Also, when John is leaving town, he comments about how Tim will always be a better man than he, which leaves one thinking that John believes that Savannah should end up with the better man, Tim (pg. 133).

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