Sunday, January 6, 2008

week six; post two

Dear John
Nicholas Sparks
Week six; post two

Nicholas Sparks does a great job of foreshadow in the book, and it makes the book much more powerful and emotional. When John was leaving Savannah for the first time, she warns him not to break her heart (pg. 132), and it makes us as readers feel like something will come between them because she is nervous about it. So when we read Savannah’s letter, and she says she fell in love with someone else, the readers just know that something is breaking them apart, and we can feel it (pg. 182). Another foreshadow from earlier is when John is leaving town, he comments about how Tim will always be a better man than he, which leaves one thinking that John believes that Savannah should end up with the better man, Tim (pg. 133). When we find that Savannah fell in love, my first thought was Tim. And once again, the foreshadowing was powerful, because even though I thought it was Tim, I didn’t actually know until later (pg. 229). Leaving us guessing who the man she fell in love was built up suspense so we just want to know that much more. And here again, Sparks is using foreshadow when John says, “When she looked up, her eyes were filled with… What? Regret? I couldn’t tell.”(pg. 220). This statement suggests that Savannah may regret leaving John, and also shows that John is looking for more than a friendship from Savannah.

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