Sunday, January 6, 2008

week five; post two

Dear John
Nicholas Sparks
Week five; post two

In this section, one can really begin to see how their relationship is changing and spreading apart. John says, “I knew then that something had changed between us, but at the time, I didn’t have the courage to find out what,” (pg. 174).And you can tell that they both know that the time spent apart while john is at war is affecting them. But even so, they both thought that they could make it, because john soon was off, until September 11. The time apart was beginning to be painful for the both of them, and started taking their anger out on each other. John explains that they started arguing with each other on the phone and that more and more often, when John called, Savannah didn’t answer (pg. 182). The more he felt Savannah was slipping through his fingers, the more he made an effort, only to push her away even more. They were in a spiraling cycle, pushing each other away, and they both knew it but didn’t admit it to each other. Both knew the relationship had changed, neither brave enough to say it. It is so sad to read about them, so in love, but separated by time and space. At the end of the section, we find out that they were separated by more than just space, Savannah had fallen in love with another man (pg. 186-187). I understand that she was lonely, missing John, but the fact is that John stayed loyal to her, when he had chances of his own. Savannah was too weak to stay loyal. It must have been hard for her worrying about John daily, but even so, she should have waited. This also means that she had been lying to John. That all the times that he called and she wasn’t there, she was with another man, and that all of the letters since then have been lies. She betrayed his trust in more ways than one.

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