Sunday, January 6, 2008

week seven; post two

Dear John
Nicholas Sparks
Week seven; post two

I have loved reading this book; and the ending was as good as the rest. I was really happy that Savannah stayed with Tim, even though she loves John more, because she feels a need to be loyal to him, and stay with him, cure him and help him heal from the melanoma. He needs her to take care of Alan, his disabled brother, and to be by his side through all of the chemotherapy. If she had left, her and John’s relationship would always be filled with guilt from leaving Tim behind. John was the bigger man, and let her go. But he didn’t just do that, he also donated his fathers legacy, his coin collection and all its worth to curing Tim, anonymously. It was the only thing that his dad left for him, and what his dad spent all his time on, and finally paid off to helping Savannah and Tim live happily ever after for a long time. John is such a good man to help Tim who took Savannah away from him. The truth is that John loves Savannah too much, and just wants her happiness, even if that means he can’t be with her. With the money that John donated, Tim was admitted to a better hospital with new research on melanoma cures, and the research cured him. They couldn’t have done it without the money. Even though John is alone, he finds peace knowing that Savannah is happy.

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