Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dear John
Nicholas Sparks
Top Ten

Nicholas Sparks writing style: one of the most important parts of the book Dear John is the writing style. Sparks is very good at foreshadow, and he uses it in the best way possible. Instead of being obvious about what is going to happen, he leaves you with hints, so you keep wondering what is going to happen. He often uses foreshadow to hint at what each person in the relationship is feeling and he always keeps you wanting to read more.

Character of John: John’s is a round character that changes a lot in the book. He starts off being rebellious, and hating his father. Once he joined the army, he became more caring, but still quite selfish, and blaming his father for everything that went wrong in his childhood. After he meets Savannah, he starts taking responsibility, and becomes selfless.

Theme staying true to the ones you love: This theme from the book is reinforced multiple times. One first sees it in relating to John and Savannah’s relationship. While John is at war, Savannah and John decided to keep seeing each other, but after a while Savannah cheats on him. Another time you see this is when John starts off blaming his father for his bad childhood. But as time goes on, he learns that he needs to be close and support his father, because he is all his father has.

Event of September 11: This event changes John and Savannah’s relationship completely. Before the event, John was coming home soon, they were both looking forward to the event and both needed to see each other to keep the relationship strong. Once September 11 happens, John feels obligated to stay at war with his men. When he stays, Savannah loses faith in the relationship and needs comforting, and there is Tim. Soon after, she cheats on John.

Setting on the Ranch: At the end of the book, Savannah has moved to a ranch, like she had always dreamed of. She lives in an older house, close to her family. On the ranch, she is raising multiple horses and uses them to connect with autistic children. This setting is important because it shows that while John was away at war, others had continued with their lives. Savannah, in particular, had fulfilled her dream job, at a dream house, and gotten married. The setting is exactly what Savannah wanted in her life.

Event of Illness: Illness plays a big part in this book. John’s dad has a illness called Aspergers disease. It affects his father’s ability to communicate with the outside world, and it explains much of the problems John had connecting to his dad. Another illness presented in the book is skin cancer. Tim is diagnosed with skin cancer before John comes to reunite with Savannah. Without the disease, Savannah may have been able to be with John, like she seems like she wants to. The disease obligates her to stay with Tim.

Title Dear John: The title has much importance with the book. While John was at war, letters were the main way that they could communicate. It was also the way that John found out that Savannah cheated on him. Since 90% of the relationship John was at war, it was the only way that they could stay connected.

Setting at war: John is at war for much of the book. The setting is dark and tragic, most of all; it’s a very lonely place. The loneliness of it makes him miss Savannah even more, and you can really tell how much he feels for her when he is gone. It is also important because it shows John’s rebellious side.

Event of Affairs: the Affair Savannah had with Tim while she was dating John changed many people’s lives in multiple ways. Firstly, John had changed a lot from the affair. Before, he was still quite selfish. Afterwards, he changed to selfless. Now he spends time caring for his father. Savannah changed from very pure and great ideals, to more determined, and more selfish.

Character of Savannah: Savannah also changed through the book, but she was always someone to look up to. She had great morals; always do what’s right, and very honest. Later in the book, she changes and becomes less honest when she cheats on John. She becomes more determined as well, she gets her dream house and dream job as well.

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