Tuesday, November 11, 2008

film noir

the beginning of the film noir unit is very interseting to me. From watching the movies, I can really see the connection from a book to a movie in Double Indemnity The voice over narration is one connection to the book, because it sounds like lines from the book itself. I can also see it in the plot and drama. although film noir no longer is around, I see similarities to the story line and murder mystery books like Stephen Kings books. It also reminds me of the show Murder She Wrote, which is about a writer who is involved with murders. I can tell where the book may have been longer in parts than the movie. I think the connection between the two characters may have been built up more in the book. I think it would have been more realistic that she convinced him to kill her husband for her if the relationship was built up a bit more. Film noir connects in many ways to the dramatics and story lines of books.

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Dan P. said...

This is a very interesting connection, and now that you have talked about it I see what you mean. Film Noir reminds me of todays mystery and spy novels where the hero has a very disreputable past but still becomes the hero.