Thursday, December 4, 2008

holiday movies

Holiday movies should be a genre of their own. they all have very similar conflicts, resolutions, and especially mood. The conflict is being separated from family, or friends for the holidays. the resolution is that they realize they cant spend a holdiay without the ones they love and do whatever it takes to be with them. and the mood is full of jolly good feelings. the Ginch is one of the many holiday movies that follows this pattern. the grinch is a lonely man who separates himself from the comunity because they make fun of him for being green. the resolution is that a who from whoville, cindy lu who, thinks everyone should be together for christmas and invites him to their party. the last scene shows the whole town singing together and laughing. the mood, conflict, and resulution are followed in this case, as with many other holiday movies. Not to say that I dont like holiday movies, they are just very repetitve.

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Maggie said...

So.. I really liked this post. It was cute and made me think about the holidays coming up! I agree with that.. that they should be their own genre.